Possible Names for this Blog

I am still dinking around with possible names of this blog. As I think that this blog will contain mostly library and job-related stuff, I am thinking of calling the blog Library Voice or My Library Voice. I am leaning towards My Library Voice, I think simply because of the emphasis on My. My wife occasionally tells me to use my library voice because I often have a tendency to talk too loud (particularly in overly sensitive situations). This blog could be my way of exploring and writing about some of the issues in the library world, while trying to discover my library voice.

Another thing to consider is that Library Voice seems that it might be a little too close in name to Library Stuff, Librarian.net, or LibraryPlanet.com. All are great sites that I read daily in my aggregator, but I don’t know if I want the name of my site being so similar. There are even more blogs out there that start with libr*, so perhaps My Library Voice is the best bet.

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