Getting good video with a Flip Camcorder

It seems from my WordPress stats that a lot of folks land on my blog after looking for information about Flip Video Cameras.   I’ve had a Flip Mino (the non-HD one) for over a year, and I still love it.   Granted, there are cameras out there that shoot better video and have better features, but the Flip is hard to beat for the form factor and fun factor.   I almost always have my Flip in my pants pocket, and when I don’t have it I’m carrying my Canon SD 780 IS.   Both cameras shoot decent video, although the Canon’s quality and features (you can zoom before shooting) are a bit better.

I shoot a lot of video, and I’ve even started a video blog.   However, I don’t quite consider myself an expert videographer by any means, and I’m always looking for some good tips on shooting better video.     Fellow bobcat Jill Bateman has a really nice list of suggestions for making the most out of the Flip Camcorder.   I’ve summarized her points below, but definitely check out her blog post for more elaborate tips for shooting better video with your Flip Camera.

Jill’s tips:

  1. Keep the camera as steady as humanly possible.
  2. No zooming.
  3. Keep the rule of thirds rule
  4. Video (television) is a close up medium.
  5. If you do zoom in or out while you’re recording (please don’t, but if you must) do it excruciatingly slowly.
  6. Get lots of different shots when you’re interviewing someone
  7. Don’t shoot a subject in front of a window.
  8. Control the sound in the room whenever possible.
  9. Gets lots of shots of people doing things.
  10. Hand the camera to a video editor.

Once again, check out the full blog post for more information behind her very useful tips.

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