I got tagged by David Lee King some time ago for the five things meme.  I’ve been  a little covered up with work, the holidays, and family, so I’m a little behind.  If you’re still interested, here you go:

  1. The “F” in my name is for Forrest.  No, Life is not like a box of chocolates. 
  2. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful wife, Candace, and two beautiful sons, Clay Fielding and Cole Fulton.  My wife  daily gives me the desire to be a better man.  My boys give me immense pride and happiness, a willingness to constantly explore and learn, and the occasional runny nose.
  3. A friend and I once tried to use our parkas like a parachutes to slow ourselves down on our  skateboards.   My friend still has the  scars on his knees that prove our thesis wrong.  Apparently unzipping your coat and holding it open while going down hill does little to slow you down.  I would later learn this in physics class, but I’ve always been a hands-on learner. 
  4. I grew up being a REM freak.  So much so that in 10th grade, I translated “Stand” into Latin.  Yep, I was a dork.  In case you are interested, sta in loco ubi es.
  5. If you ever hear me speak, you’ll quickly figure out that I’m not from Ohio.  I was born and raised in Tennessee.    Don’t worry, my oldest son can already say “Go Vols” and “Touchdown, Big Orange,” so there’s little chance he’ll grow up favoring the Buckeyes.

So there’s my five.  I’d love to tag some folks, but this meme has gotten really cold by now.  Perhaps on the next go-around I’ll be a little more timely.