Chad’s (no, not this one) advice on job hunting

Chad at Hidden Peanuts writes about how he found a job. It’s good food for thought for anyone on the job market. Chad gives some good advice to new graduates looking for jobs: be flexible with where you are willing to work, and perhaps what type of job you are looking for. He writes:

To be honest, my story isn’t typical. Very few of my friends here have jobs coming out of school. I think the fact that I was extremely flexible in location helped me a lot – I’m not tied down by any real commitments to one area yet. Particularly if you try to stay in the city you got your library degree in, the market is going to be swamped. That’s just the way it is. If you look more broadly, competition drops off a bit.

A lot of folks ask me how in the world I made my way from Tennessee to Ohio. Well, Chad sums it up right there. I had to be flexible with where I was willing to go.

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