Top 25 PS2 games of all time

Looking for a good game to play?  Can’t quite pony up the money for a next-gen (now current gen) console?  Then you might look at IGN’s Top 25 Playstation 2 Games of All Time.  The list is being gradually released this week, so check IGN for updates. I’m currently playing number 22 on the list, Kingdom Hearts, a game from 2002.  Just because a game is old (or so last-gen) doesn’t mean it’s not good. Kingdom Hearts can be picked up for $19.99, as is the case for many of the games on the list.  If you’re looking for great games on a librarian’s salary, this list can help.

Update:  There is also a Top 25 GameCube Games of All Time, as well as a Top 25 Xbox Games of All Time.

One thought on “Top 25 PS2 games of all time

  1. Gamespy did a top 25 PS2 list last year as well. I hope you are enjoying Kingdom Hearts (even with the goofy camera). I’ve been a SquareSoft fan for years so the juxtaposition of Disney and Square characters is fun.

    I picked up Beyond Good & Evil for (also on the top 25 GameCube games list too) for $15. I haven’t dug too far in yet, but thanks for the suggestion.

    Good games on a librarian’s budget…

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