Finding time for games and everything else has a story about how grown-up gamers are balancing work, life, children, and video games:

Gamers that stared down the challenges of reaching “just one more level” or beating an old high score are now facing a more significant challenge: blending marriages, mortgages, and parenting together with their gamer lifestyle. How are some members of the “videogame generation” coping? What do the children of gamer parents think? And where do sociologists see the “videogame generation” taking family relationships and gaming itself in the future?

One of the contributors states that he tends to not play games that don’t allow saving at any time or any place.  I too, have found that games that have predetermined save points can be a challenge to play when time is limited.  It’s really tough to put that controller down when you’re almost to a save point and the baby wakes up.  Hands down, the Playstation loses that battle every time. 

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