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Here’s a blog that is devoted to giving relevant information to busy folks who like to play video games.  As a father of two, a husband, and an aspiring musician, playing video games often gets put on the backburner.  Busy Gamer News is a blog devoted to “news and reviews for gamers who have a life.”  The author’s purpose for starting the blog:

I started this site as an aid to adult gamers who still want to keep
one foot in the gaming world while they’re busy with work, family and
all of the other distractions of life. The news feed on this site is
short and focused only on the biggest, most useful or important
announcements and fun trivia to give you gamer cred at the water

As I’ve wrestled with staying an active gamer myself,
I’ve found I wished someone would look out for my needs whenever I pick
up or rent games that are, in truth, often designed for kids and very
young adults who can devote a 12+ hour day to their gaming habits. Me,
nowadays, I prefer games that are easy to pick up and even easier to
put down and return to when I have a few spare moments for game time.

So I’m launching a new feature: Busy Gamer Reviews.
Each write-up is not an exhaustive exploration of the depths of a game.
Instead, it’s a brief overview with a focus on how hard it is to learn,
how engaging the early gameplay is and whether you’re going to struggle
to find a save point when the baby wakes up or you realize you’re
running late for work.

Let me know what you think and whether these help you maintain some game/life balance.

The game reviews can be found in a separate category.  The author just recently switched his blog from another site, and states that the busy game reviews should become more frequent.  I’m looking forward to more reviews, as I am definitely a member of his target audience. 

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