Yesterday’s 32 mile ride

Yesterday morning @cguder and I took a nice long ride on some of the best roads in Southeast Ohio. Route 56 recently got a new coat of asphalt, and we have been itching to get our bikes on it. Rt. 56 is a little sketchy to ride on during high-traffic times, but at 7:00 on a Saturday morning, we only saw about 5 cars the whole time we were on it. The climb from Athens to Union gives you a nice little warm up, and there are lots of rollers all the way up 56 to 691. There is a huge climb at the intersection of 56 and 691 that will really test your legs and lungs. We really enjoyed the hills, but we were definitely grateful when we finally made it to the bike path. Overall a wonderful ride. Total trip mileage was 32 miles in 2 hrs 20 minutes ride time. I also broke yet another spoke in my rear wheel, which is about the 3rd one this year on my road bike alone. I’m thinking once some funds become available, I’ll need to get some newer, stronger rims.

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