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What’s the difference between the Xbox 360 and the PS3?

20ld2play has a wonderful writeup that gives the pros and cons of the two consoles.   This is a great read for anyone considering buying one of these two consoles.   Most comparisons such as this are filled with fanboy bias, but this is a very informative article.   I’ve always leaned in the direction of buying Sony’s products (I own a PS2 and a PSP), but this article had me contemplating (somewhat) a 360 for my next gaming purchase.   If you’re like me and sort of on the fence between the two consoles, be sure to check this out.

  1. Considering one for half a minute. I’m listening to the IGN Podcast Beyond, so I’ve just got the thought of a 360 out of my system. Thanks, Paul, for making sure I was feeling okay.

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