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How to make library instructional (or other educational) videos and screencasts

The video below is a follow-up to my previous post about how I make library instructional videos.


This video shows the basics of making library instructional (or other educational) videos and screencasts. The video discusses the inexpensive equipment and software needed, and shows how to make a video from start to finish. Discusses camera selection, how to use, how to edit the video in Windows Live Moviemaker, and how to upload to YouTube. For a detailed write-up of the process, visit my post on how I make library instructional videos.

  1. I would also recommend getting a Y splitter for your audio if you are transferring from a mono recording device. You can take your mono sound and make it stereo when you transfer it to your computer. The first half of your presentation is left side only which can annoy your viewers if they are using headphones.

    • Thanks, Pam. That was my first time using that camera and mic. I need to get a stereo plug for the mic input to get the stereo sound back. I agree it sounds odd going from mono to stereo.

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