CIL 2008: Library Web Presence

Library Web Presence Emily Rimland Binky Lush Penn State Library Kristina DeVoe Derik Badman Temple University Libraries Penn State Research JumpStart page built around the idea of widgets designed for the novice user includes a few tools that users need the most and use the most provides instant help includes search box to the catalog... Continue Reading →

Meebo Chat for Tech Tools Talk

Paul and I hope you enjoy the talk.  Please use this chat room to interact during the presentation..mcrmeebo { display: block; background:url("") no-repeat top right; } .mcrmeebo:hover { background:url("") no-repeat top right; }

New Rules of Web Design

Jeff WisniewskiUniversity of PittsburghSimplicity RulesEveryone wants to be like Google.  But Google is a single purpose site.  Library websites differ because they serve multiple functions.  Content is king, but design matters alot.  Novice users judge in the blink of an eye, and may only judge based on how your site looked.  With an increase in... Continue Reading →

CIL 2007: Learning Objects and Gaming

Learning Objects Shiu Liu Colorado State University A learning object is an online tool that includes a learning objective, a learning process, and assessment of learning, providing an interactive experience, to help learners digest as specifice piece of knowledge, or master how to complete a specific task. Learning objects are Digital Individual INteractive Reusable Learning... Continue Reading →

Computers in Libraries presentation slides

I'd like to give a hearty thanks to the Computers in Libraries conference organizers for giving me the opportunity to speak again this year. I had a blast talking, and I really enjoyed the hallway conversations that I had with many in attendance. My slides for my presentations are posted below. Should you have any... Continue Reading →

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