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I know SlideShare is a really cool service, but I honestly did not want to create yet another account to share my stuff.  Since I have a Blip.TV account, I figured there had to be a way to get PowerPoint slides up on  After experimenting yesterday, here’s the process that I found that actually works.  It’s not easy, but it works.

1.  In PowerPoint 2007, Choose Save AS–>Other Formats, and then save the file as a Windows Meta File  (.wmf).

This will save each slide as its own metafile in a parent folder.  In my case, I had 66 slides, so this saved 66 .wmf files.

2. Next, open Windows Movie Maker, and import the .wmf files you just created into a Movie Maker collection.  Then drag all the slides down into the movie timeline to add to a movie.

3.  Theoretically, you could add audio or voiceover there if you like, and you could also extend each slide to match your voice over, but I just opted for pasting in my slides.

4.  When you are ready to render your project, Choose File–>Save Movie File.  Choose the My Computer option for playback on your computer.  I chose the Other Settings Option, and the quality appears to be fine and of a reasonable file size.

5.  Finally, upload your new movie to your account.

Granted, the process is probably not as easy as SlideShare, but once you do it, its a relatively painless process.  I really think the ability to add audio (music) or a voiceover can make the slides a little more interesting.  I also Iike the idea of having all of my video and powerpoint content in one place, and satisfies that need.

2 thoughts on “How to add PowerPoint on”

  1. Couldn’t you just run the slideshow (perhaps with timed auto-advancing slides) in PPT and screencapture it with Camstudio or the like and encode that in a format?

  2. Yeah, that would work as well. Camstudio is free, so I’d be all for that. The other options, Camtasia or Captivate, aren’t. While I have Captivate, I generally look for the cheapest way out. Thanks for stopping by, Greg.

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