It’s a small world after all

Last night I got an IM question from a student while staffing our IM reference service.   She was in the stacks, but "was totally overwhelmed" with how many books we had and was very confused about how to actually find a book.   Since four floors separated us, I decided to send her my... Continue Reading →

Harassment via Meebo

Long story short, a small loans outfit in the UK wanted me to post a link to their site on my Business Blog.   "Kelly" was pretty persistent, to the point of being a pain.   Here's part of the transaction: (4:37:26 PM) meeboguest598014: if I post a comment, it allows me to put my... Continue Reading →

Pidgin4Lib looks cool

"Pidgin4Lib is a customized version of Pidgin. It includes a plugin for support of collaborative IM services. It allows libraries or departments to offer IM services with one public buddy name handled internally by any number of staff members."Wow.  This is something to definitely check out and play with when I have more time.  From... Continue Reading →

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