Into the twittersphere

A funny, but sadly true, look at Twitter. Off to tweet some more. I've been away too long while posting this.   Gotta feed the habit. 😉

Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook vs Twitter on TwitTip Trying to figure out the difference between Twitter and Facebook?   This post may be helpful in understanding the two social networks, and perhaps help you decide whch one is for you.

Ubiquity looks awesome

I caught this just now via some of the people I follow on Twitter.   I have to say, this looks way cool.   Basically, in a nutshell, this application, called Ubiquity, could be the solution to those of us who hate having too many windows or tabs open.   Watch the video on the... Continue Reading →

How to add PowerPoint on

I know SlideShare is a really cool service, but I honestly did not want to create yet another account to share my stuff.   Since I have a Blip.TV account, I figured there had to be a way to get PowerPoint slides up on   After experimenting yesterday, here's the process that I found... Continue Reading →

YouTube annotations make for a choose your own adventure

Via AdverBlog: Samsung just launched an online campaign to promote the supposed iPhone killer, the Samsung Instinct. First there is a campaign website including a fun product placement programm. But more innovative is the interactive short movie 'Follow Your INSTINCT', which can be watched on YouTube only. The movies are connected through YouTube annotations, which... Continue Reading →

Watch what you say on the web

This guy wrote this about video games: I hate video games, on or offline. I hate the way they suck real people into fake worlds and hold on to them for decades at a time. I hate being made to feel hateful for saying so, and I hate being told to immerse myself in them... Continue Reading →

Social Networks and Ethnicity

My wife pointed me to this interesting article this morning:A new study from Northwestern University finds that college students’ choice of social networking sites is related to race, ethnicity and parents’ education. The review included social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Xanga.According to the authors, the findings challenge the democratic nature of online... Continue Reading →

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