Facebook video is actually pretty good!

Below is a video that I took on last weekend’s bike ride. I shot the video with my Flip Mino Camera, which records video in 640×480 resolution. The movie was edited and rendered with the FlipShare software, and the finished movie was about 350 MB. Facebook handled the file quite well, and it looks great. File size for uploading to Facebook is limited to 1 GB and 20 minutes in length, but that’s more than enough for my short videos. The video uploaded quickly (although I didn’t see a status bar) and rendered almost instantly.

For the sake of comparison, the same video in YouTube:

And in Vimeo:

2009 Athens Quilt Barn Ride from Chad on Vimeo.

And in Blip.TV

And in Viddler

So who do you think wins?

Seven things you should know about Flip Cameras

via Resource Shelf, I found this nice article about Flip Cameras from Educause.

7 Things You Should Know About Flip Camcorders

Flip video devices are small, inexpensive, digital camcorders. For about the price of a low-end digital camera, the Flip offers up to an hour of video from an easy-to-use, self-contained device. Because of its simplicity and affordability, the Flip allows virtually anyone to be a producer of video content. For educators, these small camcorders facilitate visual learning, which is frequently more engaging than other kinds of instruction and can transcend language barriers. A video artifact can be a highly effective tool for assessment, and the Flip camcorders offer easy access to this medium.

+ Full Document (PDF; 137 KB)

I’ve had a Flip Camera since this summer, and I love the thing.  I take it on all my bike rides, as it fits easily in my jersey pocket.  I’ve recorded quite a few family videos with it, which I’m able to share with my friends and relatives very easily.  I’ve also taken a few videos with it that I use on my various library blogs and wikis.  While the camera is never going to produce George Lucas-like productions, I it is a very convenient way to shoot video and get it out to your users with very minimal effort.  While I have a much nicer digital video camera, with zoom and lots more bells and whistles, I rarely use it because the Flip camera is just so easy and convenient to use.  For more about the Flip Camera, visit the Flip website.  If you’d like to take a look at some of the videos I’ve created with my Flip, take a look at my blip.tv page.