Another Fine Library Wiki

Michael blogs about SJCPL's new wiki: Our Reference Librarians and Web Developer are hard at work on this new project! And let me be the first to say they are making great strides to move SJCPL toward Library 2.0! What you'll find is librarian created subject pages in the grand tradition of Kansas City PL... Continue Reading →

If You Build It, Will They Come?

This post was prompted by an email from a business librarian at another institution, who was inquiring about my use of both a blog and a wiki to disseminate library information. In the email, the librarian asked: Are people actually reading? No offense 🙂 I find that often librarians' efforts in distributing information is in... Continue Reading →

Settling an Argument Over Wikipedia

One of my colleagues forwarded me this email from her son in college. She had sent this around to the rest of our reference department as well, hoping to get answers from our staff. Her son writes: Hey Mom, I've got a kinda silly reference librarian question for you concerning the validity and accuracy of... Continue Reading →

A Wiki for 6 Strings

I was looking for some *cough* free *cough* guitar tabulature for a particular song that our church praise band is playing on Sunday. I checked out the usual guitar tabulature sites, and then discovered The Tab Wiki. After poking around a bit, I was pleased to see that there were a few songs from The... Continue Reading →

Biz Wiki Update

Fall quarter starts at my university in two weeks, and I think the Biz Wiki should be ready for prime time by then. I had a test run two weeks ago when I introduced the wiki to a class of business communication students. In looking at the most popular pages in the Biz Wiki, many... Continue Reading →

How Wikis Work

I went to one of my favorite sites, HowStuffWorks, to find out, well, how something worked. Upon arrival I noticed that Marshal Bain had an article about How Wikis Work. It's a pretty good read for anyone intersted in wikis or for those needing basic information about how they work.

Learning from Wikis

I am continuing to add content to the Biz Wiki, although a great bulk of my three research guides is now in the wiki. In working with the wiki I am learning a great deal about how to better organize information, and I am becoming more familiar with some key business resources. On Monday the... Continue Reading →

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