How much does your smartphone really cost?

Sure, you may be getting your iPhone or Blackberry for a song, but the real cost of ownership is in the fine details. PC World has an article that explains how much your smartphone really costs. The full article can be found on the PCWorld website.

Are you a “smartphoniac”?

I'm old enough to remember the Zack the Legomaniac commercials, and I can honestly say that I was indeed a Legomaniac.   I was comfortable with that term. Now, however, a new term supposedly defines my activities again, and I'm a little uneasy about this one.   Mark Penn, author of Microtrends, has dubbed people... Continue Reading →

A Wiki as a Research Guide

It seems like these days everybody has got a wiki, so I thought I should have one as well. I have begun experimenting with using a wiki to replace the typical library research guide, subject guide, or pathfinder (or whatever you call your list of links and resources organized by subject). In my area, I... Continue Reading →

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