Extending a Librarian’s Reach

A colleague of mine just told me of a very positive experience that she had in an instant messaging transaction last week. A patron had contacted her via our IM reference service and was needing to find financial ratios for hypermarkets in France. This sounded like a pretty tough business question, and unfortunately I've been... Continue Reading →

Librarians and IM Survey

Michael is conducting a survey of librarians and IM.   It took me all of two minutes to complete, so if you use IM (or not) for personal, professional, or reference purposes, take a couple of minutes to fill out the survey.   He's "interested to see how many librarians are using IM at their... Continue Reading →

Marketing Virtual Reference

This is one way to get students to use your IM/Chat reference service. From the University of Mississippi Libraries: Chat with a Librarian and Win an iPod Shuffle! During the month of February every student or faculty/staff member who chats with a librarian will automatically be entered to win an iPod Shuffle. You don't have... Continue Reading →

IM Usage Growing

From a Computer World article, instant messaging is growing in the U.S. The article is a synopsis of a survey done by AOL. The article points that IM usage is growing, and not just among college students and teens. The article explains that IM usage in the workplace is becoming more common. According to the... Continue Reading →

IM Reference Update

It's been a while since I've given any real updates on our Instant Messaging reference service, but I'm finally getting around to it. I am sure you all can sympathize, as LTB (life trumps blogging), or in my case, BSRQTB (Business Student Reference Questions Trump Blogging). This post will be a walk-through of how we... Continue Reading →

What’s In Your Wallet?

Steven Cohen wonders how many librarians have their IM handles on their buisiness card. He asks, "What's in Your Wallet?" Here's what's in mine: What's encouraging is that a few of my colleagues have also added their IM handles to their own business cards. And the person who replenishes the supply of cards is starting... Continue Reading →

Worth Reading

Two articles in the November/December issue of Educause Review: There’s Something in the Air: Podcasting in Education "Podcasting is taking its place among the dizzying variety of grassroots media now available to everyone. Those in higher education need to understand the potential uses and value of rich media authoring, bringing podcasting into courses so that... Continue Reading →

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