Playing with WIMZI Widget

Paul Pival points to the new AIM WIMZI Widget. From first glance it looks pretty sweet. I currently use Trillian to connect to my IM screennames, for a variety of reasons. I also use the Meebo widget on the Biz Wiki and on my Business Blog. I probably get about 20 questions a week via... Continue Reading →

Plugoo versus Meebo

The Librarian in Black has a write-up comparing Plugoo and Meebo, two IM widgets that allow users to chat with you from a web page without the need for IM accounts or clients.  She says she's still a MeeboMe girl, and with good reasons.  I've tried both of them, and while they both offer good... Continue Reading →

Trillian Astra to “change your Web”

Cerulean Studios is developing Trillian 4.0, which they are calling Astra.  It looks like they are trying to incorporate everything except the kitchen sink in the new project, but the project tour and the Sneak Preview look very interesting. I've used Trillian for quite some time, and am still a big fan of the product. ... Continue Reading →

Talk to your librarians

A couple of colleagues are using meebo as method to "Talk to your librarians."  They're using the meebo widget which is displayed prominently on the Communications Blog and on both of their contact pages (here and here).  I've had the meebo widget on my Business Blog for a couple of months now, and I've actually... Continue Reading →

6 biggest new ideas in chat

TechCrunch has a list of "big ideas emerging in web instant messaging as it stands today and the services that exemplify them." The list is available here, and is worth a read of libraries who are using or might want to use IM.

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