Performancing is now ScribeFire

I was looking for some Firefox extensions this morning and noticed that Performancing has changed to ScribeFire.  "ScribeFire (previously Performancing for Firefox) is a full-featuredblog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily postto your blog. You can drag and drop formatted text from pages you arebrowsing, take notes, and post to your... Continue Reading →

Seven Essential WordPress Hacks

Tubetorial has some screencasts that cover the 7 Essential WordPress Hacks.This series highlights 7 of the most important tweaks and plugins that any WordPress user should know about: Episode 1: How to Get More Search Engine Traffic With One Simple TweakEpisode 2: How to Make More Money With AdSenseEpisode 3: Feedvertising: Make Money With Your... Continue Reading →

Playing with New Themes

I was getting kind of bored with the old look of Library Voice, so I've been tinkering with a few new themes. The latest incarntion is using the stock version of a theme called Connections, which I downloaded from the WordPress Themes Directory. Connections was created by Patricia of Vanilla Mist, and it appears that... Continue Reading →

WordPress Update Available

This is probably old news to most, but a WordPress update is now available. This fixes some security issues with the software. Upgrading is easy, but you have to overwrite your existing files. This can be a little scary, but if you follow these directions for upgrading, your update will go smoothly. I have updated... Continue Reading →

Using WordPress Themes

If you are using WordPress to run your blog, you might want to check out these links to understanding WordPress Themes. [Link via WordPress Planet]

WordPress Upgrade

I have finally gotten around to updating this blog with the latest version of WordPress. Everything ran pretty smoothly, although I did have some problems with my comments template. It turns out that my previous iteration of the comments template (which I have had since WP 1.0) needed to be tossed. I simply copied the... Continue Reading →

WordPress 1.5 Released

I am a little late with this, but WordPress 1.5 was released last week. I updated two of our library blogs on Sunday in about an hour. The directions offered by Podz made my upgrades a snap. I followed everything to a "T" and it worked flawlessly. Now I simply have to find time to... Continue Reading →

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