My content is all over the place

So I'm struggling with something.   I have this blog, and I have just started another blog for my biking interests.   So I have content here and at   The pictures that I have for this blog are generally uploaded to this blog directly, although I've started using my free flickr account to... Continue Reading →

Into the twittersphere

A funny, but sadly true, look at Twitter. Off to tweet some more. I've been away too long while posting this.   Gotta feed the habit. 😉

Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook vs Twitter on TwitTip Trying to figure out the difference between Twitter and Facebook?   This post may be helpful in understanding the two social networks, and perhaps help you decide whch one is for you.

Ubiquity looks awesome

I caught this just now via some of the people I follow on Twitter.   I have to say, this looks way cool.   Basically, in a nutshell, this application, called Ubiquity, could be the solution to those of us who hate having too many windows or tabs open.   Watch the video on the... Continue Reading →

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