Facebook video is actually pretty good!

Below is a video that I took on last weekend's bike ride. I shot the video with my Flip Mino Camera, which records video in 640x480 resolution. The movie was edited and rendered with the FlipShare software, and the finished movie was about 350 MB. Facebook handled the file quite well, and it looks great.... Continue Reading →

How much does your smartphone really cost?

Sure, you may be getting your iPhone or Blackberry for a song, but the real cost of ownership is in the fine details. PC World has an article that explains how much your smartphone really costs. The full article can be found on the PCWorld website.

An awesome webcam video

This video is   a very creative use of webcams, videos, and creative storyboarding and scripting.   This appears to be some kind of music video.   According to Adverblog, "the cast was selected from the actual Sour fan base, from many countries around the world. Each person and scene was filmed purely via webcam."... Continue Reading →

Are you a “smartphoniac”?

I'm old enough to remember the Zack the Legomaniac commercials, and I can honestly say that I was indeed a Legomaniac.   I was comfortable with that term. Now, however, a new term supposedly defines my activities again, and I'm a little uneasy about this one.   Mark Penn, author of Microtrends, has dubbed people... Continue Reading →

Social media and the Tour de France

It's no secret that Lance Armstrong is riding the Tour de France this year. He's been all over the media and the web. He's got a huge following on Twitter, and he is getting tons of comments on his TDF training videos and training blog. So what's the big deal about using video and twitter... Continue Reading →

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