Tour de France riders on Twitter

Via @lancearmstrong, here are a few Tour de France riders who are on twitter. TdF riders on Twitter. @levileipheimer, @bradwiggins, @dzabriskie, @christianvdv, @thedpate, @cadelofficial, @wegelius, @andy_schleck, @kaarvesen, @carlos_sastre, @mickrogers, @ghincapie, @markrenshaw1, @bdlancaster, @laurenstendam, @stevendejongh, @koendekort, @fumybeppu. I currently follow Lance, Hincappie, and Leipheimer, as well as Johann Bruyneel.

Yesterday’s 32 mile ride

Yesterday morning @cguder and I took a nice long ride on some of the best roads in Southeast Ohio. Route 56 recently got a new coat of asphalt, and we have been itching to get our bikes on it. Rt. 56 is a little sketchy to ride on during high-traffic times, but at 7:00 on... Continue Reading →

Social media and the Tour de France

It's no secret that Lance Armstrong is riding the Tour de France this year. He's been all over the media and the web. He's got a huge following on Twitter, and he is getting tons of comments on his TDF training videos and training blog. So what's the big deal about using video and twitter... Continue Reading →

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