Cut’s and Freezes Widespread in Academic Libraries

Fountain in front of the library

Cut’s and Freezes Widespread in Academic Libraries.

Many academic libraries are facing major planned or potential budget cuts as the nation’s economic meltdown plays itself out. Online reports and announcements from major U.S. universities show that significant budget cuts may be widespread among members of the Association of Research Libraries and other college and university libraries across the country.

Yep.   Well, at least our library will have some company in our misery.   I found out yesterday that I’m going to be facing cuts in the neighborhood of 25% for the funds that I manage.   Hopefully we’ll come out with a leaner, meaner, more efficient, and more relevant collection as a result.   Unfortunately, it’s going to hurt a bit getting there.   I’ll post more about the process as time goes along.   For now, I’m going to go scrounge the fountain out front for loose change.

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