On video games and libraries

I've been working a lot lately about how to incorporate some to the concepts of video games into new and existing library services and resources.  I've written before about how games make you learn by doing, and I've pointed to how specific games teach the player how to play the game.  I've been doing quite... Continue Reading →

Net Savvy articles from Educause

Some Educause articles of interest:Ensuring the Net Generation Is Net SavvyGetting Past Google: Perspectives on Information Literacy from the Millennial MindHow Choice, Co-Creation, and Culture Are Changing What It Means to Be Net SavvyI've yet to read these but they look very interesting, particularly for a librarian who is striving to understand patrons needs and... Continue Reading →

Educause articles of interest

Here's some articles/resources that might be of interest to some:Seven Things You Should Know About YouTubeSeven Things You Should Know About FacebookAre College Students Techno Idiots?Disconnects Between Library Culture and Millennial Generation ValuesAre Video Games Evil?New Media and Learning in the 21st CenturyGames in Higher Ed: When Halo 2, Civilization IV, and Xbox 360 Come... Continue Reading →

Academic Search Premier screencast

I haven't been posting much, mostly due to having several things on my plate at one time. One thing that I did manage to get off my plate this week was our screencast that covers the Basics of Academic Search Premier. The screencast/tutorial teaches users the following: how to break a complex question into keyword... Continue Reading →

Librarycasting SE

This is sweet! Librarycasting SE: Screencasts, podcasts, tutorials and titles for the sciences and engineering. Librarycasting SE is a compilation of selected educational and information resources for the sciences and engineering, with a strong emphasis on new media and communication formats such as screencasts (pc screen video), video, and podcasts (audio). Resources covered include those... Continue Reading →

Stupid In America

Last night, ABC's 20/20 aired a story called Stupid in America, which looked at the failings of our public education system. I watched it out of the corner of my eye while finishing a novel, so I can't really argue much about the points of the program. However, what I did see while turning my... Continue Reading →

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