Anaylyzing Wikipedia

Rochelle fiords the "dangerous waters" of Wikipedia: The ironic thing is that the Wikipedia is the best example we have of pure peer review. There is nothing posted on the Wikipedia that is not vetted by a cast of thousands, including lots of accredited Smart Peopleâ„¢. Writing in the Wikipedia is like writing an article... Continue Reading →

Using Wikis In Reference

Butler University Libraries has a Reference wiki: WikiRef is a collaborative review of databases, books, websites, etc., that are part of the collection of Reference Resources available at or via the Butler University Libraries. It functions like a Reference User's Group that facilitates discussion between and the empowering of reference users. Butler librarians, faculty, staff,... Continue Reading →

A Wiki as a Research Guide

It seems like these days everybody has got a wiki, so I thought I should have one as well. I have begun experimenting with using a wiki to replace the typical library research guide, subject guide, or pathfinder (or whatever you call your list of links and resources organized by subject). In my area, I... Continue Reading →

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