A little snag in upgrading to WordPress 2.8

Upon upgrading to WordPress 2.8, everything looked like it ran okay.   When I tried to log in, I had got an error the prohibited me from entering my WordPress Dashbord.   The error I got was:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in <path to my blog>/wp-includes/theme.php on line 387

I tried quite a few different things to get this fixed, such as disabling the plugins in PHPMyAdmin and even renaming the plugins directory itself.   I then got a wild idea to rename the themes directory to something like “themes_old”.   Upon doing that, my blog didn’t display (since there wasn’t a theme to display it) but I was able to access my Dashboard by typing in the URL.   I then created a new themese directory and uploaded a theme to try and everything worked.   My un-scientific conclusion from this is that the theme I was using , Connections Reloaded, was having some sort of issue with WordPress 2.8.   Everything seems to be working as it should now, although I now have to look for a new theme.

WordPress 2.5 is out

WordPress 2.5 was just released yesterday. The upgrade is as easy as ever, and it includes some really cool features. It includes a new gallery feature, which I’m hoping will be useful on my family blogs. For some of the features of the new version, take a look at this video. Maybe this version comes with a little extra motivation to blog more. 😉

Update: After updating two other blogs, I realized that something is wrong with the Image/Media uploader in WordPress 2.5.   The folks at WordPress are aware of the issue.