CIL: Wikis in Action

Binghampton and Stony Brook are both using blogs for internal communication. Both discussed how a wiki can be used to facilitate internal communicaiton. Both groups mentioned the need for getting staff buyin, as well as the need for having a supportive systems staff.

Binghampton talked a good deal about their training model for their staff wiki. They incorporated hands-on training with staff to train users how to use the wiki as well as add and edit content. Both groups talked about the need to create a shell, or add content before turing the wikis over to the general user community. This is good advice, as an empty wiki may be confusing to a new user, perhaps evening discouraging them to add content.

The main thing that I learned, and that I need to implement, is a sandbox on my Biz Wiki. The sandbox enables those not familiar with a wiki to play and become familiar with a wiki without the worry of messing up the content. Perhaps with a sandbox, users would be more willing to learn how to use the wiki, thereby getting others to contribute to the resource.

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Computers in Libraries 2006

It’s 10:00, and I’m in my hotel room. I’m exhausted, as it was a very full day. Wireless access for bloggers at the conference was not working quite right, so I took notes in NoteTab Light. The posts that follow are the notes that I took. I’m a little too fatigued at the moment to do much cleanup of the notes in the following posts, but I’ll try to go back and clean the posts up (and offer additional commentary) as I have time. Thus far, I’m really enjoying the conference, and am learning quite a bit that I hope to implement in my library.

There are numerous other bloggers at the CIL conference.   Take a look at the list on the CIL website to find other blogs to read.

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