Blogging Conference @ Ohio Univeristy

Journalists to Debate Ethics of Blogging, Online News at Ohio University

ATHENS, Ohio – Bloggers and online journalists have grabbed the spotlight for reporting on breaking news – including political scandal – ahead of traditional journalism outlets such as newspapers and television stations. But what are the ethical issues at stake in this new reporting environment?

That’s the question dozens of journalists and scholars will discuss at the first conference focused exclusively on the ethics of blogging and online journalism. The conference, to be held April 7 – 8 at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, will jumpstart a dialog about the issue among professional reporters, college students and academics who study journalism trends and ethics.

For more information, see the news article or the conference website.

Librarycasting SE

This is sweet! Librarycasting SE: Screencasts, podcasts, tutorials and titles for the sciences and engineering.

Librarycasting SE is a compilation of selected educational and information resources for the sciences and engineering, with a strong emphasis on new media and communication formats such as screencasts (pc screen video), video, and podcasts (audio). Resources covered include those produced at Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries, the VCU campus community, and the extended sciences and engineering world community beyond.

A major goal of Librarycasting SE is to make available a range of brief screencast and podcast tutorials answering specific questions, and demonstrating specific techniques, relevant to the sciences and engineering. Conveniently access these resources at any time from your Firefox browser bookmarks or RSS aggregator, through the subject-specific, automatically updated RSS feeds provided at this site. These tutorials are in constant production at VCU Libraries, and your suggestions for new tutorials in this format are always welcomed!

Pete Kirlew, Ph.D., MLIS
Reference Librarian for the Sciences and Engineering
VCU Libraries

This truly is awesome, Pete. This serves as a great model for other subject specialists. It’s a blog, it’s a podcast, it’s a screencast. No, it’s super-duper subject librarian outreach!!! Fantastic! Makes me want to go out and make some screencasts of business databases. Thanks for the inspiration, Pete.  You’ve got me thinking of new ways to expand my Business Blog.
Link via Library Marketing.

Create 200,000 blogs with ease

Imagine if you could create and administer 200,000 WordPress blogs with one interface. According to the Lyceum Project, you will be able to.

Lyceum was originally conceived in a very different form 3 years ago as a community-blogosphere-insta-generator. Several staff and identity rotations later, we set forth in the middle of 2005 to make a powerful and easy to use multi-blog WordPress that could be used for installations with 2 or 200,000 blogs. Users will find the familiar WordPress features and interface that they know and love, and administrators will have the architecture and tools that they need to manage their blog service.

We’ve given a lot of thought to performance, security, and ease of managability. We are really proud of what we’ve come up with, and we are excited to show others.

I’m definitely going to look into this for our library, because every time a new release of WordPress comes out, I spend a good deal of time updating about ten different blogs. While Lyceum is not yet ready for production use, it’s definitely something to keep on the radar.  In another sense, imagine the community of bloggers you could create on your campus if you gave every student a blog. The library at the University of Minnesota and the University of Michigan are already doing this. Way cool!

Links via Creative Librarian and Library Stuff.

Another Blog on the New Web

MediaShift: Your Guide to the Digital Media Revolution

MediaShift is a weblog that will track how digital media technologies and techniques such as weblogs, RSS, podcasting, citizen journalism, wikis, news aggregators and video repositories are changing our world. It will tell stories of how the shifting media landscape is changing the way we get our news and information, while also providing a place for public participation and feedback.

The blog is hosted by PBS and has been up and running since January 1. The blog contains a reading list on digital revolution topics, as well as a weekly Top 5 of “people, trends, and tech on our radar.” You can get the RSS feed for MediaShift here.

Why We Blog

The Gyspy Librarian has written a follow-up to my previous post about why I blog. His response is definitely worth a read, particularly if you’re still wondering why in the world all of these librarians are blogging. While the entire post is a very good read, Angel gets to the heart of blogging when he writes:

I have heard from some nice and smart people in the biblioblogosphere, so I now also write for that audience in the hopes of adding to conversations here and there. But there’s also another, more important reason. A librarian inspired me to become a librarian. For some reason she said, “you know? You’d make a good librarian.” What do you know? I actually bought it, and I went to library school. My hope is that some day I will be able to inspire someone, and so I will have repaid her faith in me. What started out as a personal quest is now also a way to give something back to the profession and the community.