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I miss blogging

I’ve been working on sort of a historical project this week at work, and it’s been great to look back through the archives of this blog to see what I did way back when.  I started this blog in 2004, I think, so sometime this year I missed the ten-year anniversary.  I used to write to be part of the community of librarians and involved in the conversations of my profession.  Those conversations have mostly moved from the blogosphere to twitter and Facebook groups.  Since my role at my work has changed since beginning this blog, I’m no longer able to write about the things I did way back when, and much of what I would be able to write about  now is not appropriate for public sharing.  I’ve thought over and over again about taking this blog down, but this week it has been useful to look back.  I’ve missed hitting that “publish” button.

Edit:  My first post was January 6, 2005 on this blog.  Looks like I still have time to plan a party.

    • Those were the good old days, Tom. Thanks for leaving an old school comment!

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