How to write a good cover letter

With this rampant librarian shortage 😉 and all, it helps to have all your stuff together when applying for a new job. Christine over at NextGenLibrian has a pretty good write-up of what to do and not do with your cover letter.

I have served on a couple of search committees, and it truly is an educational experience to see how others promote themselves. You definitely learn a lot about what sells and what doesn’t by looking at a bunch of resumes. The tips at NextGen are definitely good food for thought for anyone looking to polish up a letter.

Possible Names for this Blog

I am still dinking around with possible names of this blog. As I think that this blog will contain mostly library and job-related stuff, I am thinking of calling the blog Library Voice or My Library Voice. I am leaning towards My Library Voice, I think simply because of the emphasis on My. My wife occasionally tells me to use my library voice because I often have a tendency to talk too loud (particularly in overly sensitive situations). This blog could be my way of exploring and writing about some of the issues in the library world, while trying to discover my library voice.

Another thing to consider is that Library Voice seems that it might be a little too close in name to Library Stuff,, or All are great sites that I read daily in my aggregator, but I don’t know if I want the name of my site being so similar. There are even more blogs out there that start with libr*, so perhaps My Library Voice is the best bet.

Sore Fingers

Due to all of the packages, luggage, and the piles of baby supplies, I had to leave my guitar at home during our twelve-day holiday trip. When I returned, my guitar was there for me, still in its case, and miraculously, still very much in tune. I have been dinking around on it a little since coming home, although time has limited any real practice.

I had my lesson yesterday, and then played for another hour after that. It felt great, although it was difficult to make my fingers some of the chords, or pick some of the patterns. I have to admit, I got a little frustrated and would not let myself be defeated by a simple fingerstyle pattern. I played to the point that I had to stop, as continuing on would have made me like Brian Adams in Summer of ’69. Now it seems that my fingers hurt so bad that I can barely type. I really missed being able to play, and now I am anxious to get back into practice. I have begun working through a couple of fingerstyle books with my instructor.

Entering the Blogsphere

This is the first post to this blog. Originally this blog was supposed to be just a playground site, but I think I may use it for an actual blog. I have been keeping up with several blogs from a variety of topics, and I think I might like to jump on board. Most of the blogs that I read have to do with library stuff, technology, and web design. I imagine my posts will relate to these topics, but I imagine I’ll wander into other areas as well, including movies, sports, and music. My other blog is more of a family page, so this blog will be more like the more typical blogs out there. Currently, the site just resides in a directory in my webspace, hence the nasty looking URL in the address bar. Down the road, I suppose when I find my voice, I’ll get a better name, and a domain name to boot.